This assignment certainly took me somewhere I was not expecting. Bridging the gender gap in the military appears to have many challenges. This is not only true in the US military, but all others as well. You can see the sexual biases that still exist in all militaries to some extent, but biases and sexual violence against US military women seems to be almost out of control. However, military women continue to meet the challenges and expand their roles. Women in fighter jets in battle several years ago was unheard of. Women close to the frontline in combat roles were not allowed. Today we see all of this because frontline combat does not really have a clear line. My hat is off to the women in the military and things they to advance freedom, safety, and equality. I think we can expect to see many more high ranking military women in the future.
Future of Women on the US Military: Post 16
I think it is safe to say, if you are a woman and have the courage to serve in the military you could help bridge the gender gap, at least in the military.
The military is consistently called on to respond to natural disasters, military conflicts, and Terrorism. It would be impossible for the military to continue to operate as efficiently as they do today if women were eliminated from serving in the military.
It's clear to see to maintain a capable and powerful military, the roles of women in all branches of the service must continue to expand. It's their right to serve and it brings the increased effectiveness in an ever changing world.
The roles of women will progress as long as US leaders continue to recognize the contributions women make and their talents and capabilities are used effectively.
If you want a stronger military include women on equal basis as men. How do we know? Look at China, Israel and the United States just to mention a few.
Ref: A Future for Women in the Military?, by Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch
http: //www.frontline-global.com/Defence/index_archives.php?page=1547

Post 15 - By viewing this video you can see many differences between US and Chinese military women.  

Post 14 -As you can see Chinese women come off a little more intimidating the US military.  I think it is because they are consider frontline soldiers just as men are.  If you are every confronted by a Chinese military woman, just raise the white flag, unless maybe you are flying fighter jets like women in the US.

Women in Chinese Military - Post 13
Women in the US Military continue to expand their roles in combat and other services. The women in the Israeli Military continue to serve as a requirement of survival and in frontline combat positions.
The women in the Chinese Military give you a significantly different look compared to the US and Israel. China has a draft which includes mandatory service for women, but the draft is never used. There are always more volunteers than needed to fill the ranks for military women. In addition, there are more women in the Chinese military than the entire population of the United States and Israel combined.
Combat for women in China is no different than for men. They receive the same training and form women only combat units.
Violence against women in the Chinese military is not well documented. Very little is said about what really happens to the women who serve in the military. We know it has to happen, but it must be kept behind closed doors. However, after view the pictures from the next post, it could be a little intimidating to those who would have to face them.

I can see where sexual harrassment in the Isreli military would be much less than in the US.  Women with guns and combat training may be a little more forceful in defending themselves. 

Israel a Model for US Military Women? Post 11
Are Israeli Women Soldiers A Model For The U.S. Military?
Other militaries differ considerably from that of the US. For instance, Israel has a much different look when it comes to women in their military. First of all women make up more than one third of the Israeli Defense Force. Not only do they make up a considerable portion of the military, they perform all roles including front line combat.
The question has been asked, should the US use Israel as model for women serving in the US? In Israel all women are required to serve two years in the military as soon as they complete high school. Although, in Israel it is a requirement for their survival in the region. I'm not sure if we are ready to go that far as women. Men in the US are not required to serve in the military today.
An excellent short reading on this can be found: Jezebel Fighting Words: http://jezebel.com/5473155/are-israeli-women-soldiers-a-model-for-the-us-military

Post 10 - Through this video you can see how difficult it can be to be in a war zone as a women.  Report by the”  New York Times (


I think after reviewing this article on violence in the military you will see that military can still be a dangerous place for women.

This chart provides a good picture of how many women are in the US Military and how they are disbursted across the different branches of the military.